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We Can Lower Your Interest Rate Up To 19%

Before Richie, lenders paid brokers a finder's commission. 10% (sometimes even 19%) of your loan went to your broker as the commission. We at Richie Lending put that finder's commission back to your pocket.

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How Richie Lending Works

We simplified the process to make it as seamless as possible

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1. Create Your Profile

An all-digital common application used across our lender network

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2. Shop and Compare

See what REAL BUY RATES, products, and lenders you qualify for and learn about your options

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3. Get Funded

A streamlined process of closing your deal with any lender in our network

How Could We Do It?

Because of full automation we spend 300 times less money to process a loan than an average broker, yet do it 200 times faster. That is why we can do everything 100 times cheaper.

πŸš€ We sell at BUY RATE, cheaper than lenders themselves

Here is the dark truth, lenders "sell" the loan to the broker at BUY RATE. Broker then adds a 10-14% commission on top and presents it as the offer. We sell at BUY RATE, it can be as much as $20k back to your pocket

πŸ”Ž Fully transparent system

We made a full commitment to making our job as transparent as possible. You will see offers from lenders as they arrive, not altered or corrected in any way

πŸ’¬ Questions? Ask away at any time

While we are dedicated to use as much technology as possible, we do not forget about the old school personal approach

πŸ’° Access 100+ Top Lenders in the country

Richie Lending works with virtually all the lenders in the country. We set very high standards to our lenders, making sure they work for your best interest

🌍 Flat one-time fee or simple subscription

We are able to make everything happen with a simple transparent one time fee of $199 per loan. Get more than 1 loan per year? Try our subscription plans for as low as $49/month

πŸ’Ž We help people with bad credit or no credit at all

Many small business owners do not have perfect credit; it's ok, our job is to help people in tough situations

πŸ—ƒ Access offers from multiple lenders

Richie Lending has a marketplace approach which means we find absolutely the best offers available for you in the market

⚑️ Next business day funding

Most of our deals are funded within one day so you can concentrate on things that matter - running your business

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From Our 100+ Customers

"I destroyed my credit trying to build my pizza shop in Brooklyn. I started maxing my credit cards; soon my debt became unbearable dropping my credit score to 550's. I have no access to normal loans or rates anymore, just Merchant Cash Advances through some shady lenders and brokers. Apparently my previous broker added 9 points on top of the lender’s TRUE BUY RATE; and then charged me $2k in fees. Shameless. Imagine how surprised I was when Richie Lending saved me over $14k on my 120k advance."

❀️ Mike Polaski, 7th avenue Pizza, Brooklyn, NY

"I needed to buy a new truck. I didn’t need much money, just about 60 thousand USD, but it had to be in cash and available as soon as possible. Leasing or financing a freight truck through a bank is two times more expensive than just buying a used one from another company. I used Richie Lending and saved over $7500 just in interest payments and fees. All for $199. I am shocked and amazed at the same time."

❀️ Aibek Aitkulov, Kane Trucking Inc, Saint Louis, MO

Finally get funded with Richie Lending

Richie Lending allows you to access small business loans at BUY RATE directly from lenders. The process takes just about a minute

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