One Application. Hundreds of Lenders.
10% Cashback on Your Business Loan

Richie Lending uses automation and machine learning to make loans cheaper than ever before, so you can actually do what's important - improve your business.


No credit card required. It won't affect your credit. No commitment and no payment due until funded. How is this possible?

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No Spam Calls

Never receive annoying telemarketing calls in the future from other lenders and brokers

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Up to 10% Cashback

Earn 10% cashback - all while not paying extra interest on the loan

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Seamless Experience

Enjoy a streamlined process of closing deals with any lender in our network

100+ Lenders Trust and Use Richie Lending

Continuously growing lender network allows us to match you with the most suitable lender, whether your credit score is 400 or 750

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Create a free account and apply online

We simplified the process to make it as easy as possible. An all-digital common application used across our lender network.

How Is This Possible?

Because of full automation we spend 300 times less money to process a loan than an average broker, yet do it 200 times faster. That is why we can do everything 100 times cheaper.

πŸš€ We give up to 10% cashback on every business loan themselves

Here is the dark truth, lenders pay 10% - 14% finder's commission to brokers. We decided to give that money back to you - up to $50k back in your pocket.

πŸ”Ž Direct Offers From Lenders

We are committed to making the loan application process as transparent as possible. You will see offers from lenders as they arrive, not altered or corrected in any way.

πŸ‘» Privacy, no spam calls in the future

Lenders receive anonymous applications, and contact you only for contracts which means they can't call you in the future selling other products.

πŸ’° Access 100+ Top Lenders in the country

Richie Lending works with every lender in the country. We set very high standards to our lenders, making sure they are working for you.

🌍 Flat one-time fee or simple subscription

We are able to make everything happen with a simple, transparent one-time fee of $199 per loan. Receive more than 1 loan per year? Try our subscription plans for as low as $499/year.

πŸ’Ž We help people with bad credit or no credit at all

Many small business owners do not have perfect credit; it's ok, our job is to help people in tough situations. We can help, even if your credit score is 400.

πŸ—ƒ Access offers from multiple lenders

Richie Lending has a marketplace approach which means we find absolutely the best offers available for you in the market.

⚑️ Next business day funding

Most of our deals are funded within one day so you can concentrate on things that matter - running your business.

From Our 100+ Customers

We are dedicated to building long lasting relationships with every single one of our customers. Helping hundreds of business owners all over the United States and counting.

Find the perfect loan today

Richie Lending makes business loans cheaper than ever before: 10% cashback, privacy and streamlined application - all while not paying extra interest on the loan

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