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Because of full automation we spend 300 times less money to process a loan than an average broker, yet do it 200 times faster. That is why we can do everything 100 times cheaper.

💰Merchant Cash Advance

@richie 05/17/2019

☝🏽Short Description: While Merchant Cash Advance is offered by a decent amount of lenders, it is not technically a loan. It is basically the old school cash advance tailored towards small businesses. The lender advances you cash then takes a portion of your daily sales, plus a fee. Merchant cash advances are quick and accessible for business owners with bad credit - however - tend to be expensive.

⏰ Short Term Business Loan

@richie 05/17/2019

☝🏽Short Description: if a term loan basically means a loan that is given for a specific time frame, short term loans understandably are those that are given for a period less than 18 months. Because of a shorter time frame those loans are basically used for a variety of purposes - the most common being working capital, resolving unexpected cash needs or taking advantage of an urgent business opportunity.

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